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                          Kay Calvin with Tessa & Peggy
                          Cardshark Kennels   

                                      Click here to visit Carkshark Kennels







                          Ben & Jean Detering

        Jean with Abby & Diesel

        Abby's titles - CD,RE,CGN

        Diesel's titles - Can/AM.CD,CGN





                                   Kayla Dikih with Raya

                                   Raya's titles - CD,RI       









     Susan Hill with Lucas & Ellie

    Ellie's titles - CD,RE,CGN








          Paula McNeil with Ziva, Houston & Griffin                          

                   Ziva's titles - PCD,RI,CGN,HIC

                   Houston's titles - CD,RI,CGN

                   Griffin's titles - CDI,RE,HIC,CGN                             








              Teresa McNeil with Bronson & Grinch

     Bronson's titles - CD,RN  

     Grinch's titles - PCD,RI,HIC,CGN 












        Brenda Plowright & Jock

        Jock's titles - CD,RE,CGN









                        Doug & Sharon Rattle with Skye

                                                            Skye's titles - OTCH,RE,TD,CGN










          Chris & Chrystal Schmid with Gunner

    Gunner's titles - CGN









        Sharon Smith with Cutter,Vegas & Chennelle

               Tersha Kennels

                      Click here to visit Tersha Kennels








        Sherry Stanley

       Beaucaniche Standard Poodles

           Click here to visit Beaucaniche








                         Janice Tiessen with Buzz

                       Fleetbreeze Kennels

                                   Click here to visit Fleetbreeze Kennels







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