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                          Kay Calvin with Tessa & Peggy
                          Cardshark Kennels   

                                      Click here to visit Carkshark Kennels







                          Ben & Jean Detering

        Jean with Abby & Diesel

        Abby's titles - CD,RE,CGN

        Diesel's titles - Can/AM.CD,CGN





                                   Kayla Dikih with Raya

                                   Raya's titles - CD,RI       









     Susan Hill with Lucas & Ellie

    Ellie's titles - CD,RE,CGN








          Paula McNeil with Ziva, Houston & Griffin                          

                   Ziva's titles - PCD,RI,CGN,HIC

                   Houston's titles - CD,RI,CGN

                   Griffin's titles - CDI,RE,HIC,CGN                             








              Teresa McNeil with Bronson & Grinch

     Bronson's titles - CD,RN  

     Grinch's titles - PCD,RI,HIC,CGN 












        Brenda Plowright & Jock

        Jock's titles - CD,RE,CGN









                        Doug & Sharon Rattle with Skye

                                                            Skye's titles - OTCH,RE,TD,CGN










          Chris & Chrystal Schmid with Gunner

    Gunner's titles - CGN










        Sherry Stanley

       Beaucaniche Standard Poodles

           Click here to visit Beaucaniche








                         Janice Tiessen with Buzz

                       Fleetbreeze Kennels

                                   Click here to visit Fleetbreeze Kennels







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